Skidding Chains

Pulling out the winch cable and carrying heavy chains to the felled trees has typically been the hardest part of a winching and skidding operation.

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Choker Hooks

H8 - Choker Hook fits 5/16" chain.

H10 - Choker Hook fits 3/8" chain.

Snatch Block

snatchblock-tp14-450TP14 - Whenever an obstacle lies in the direct path from the winch to the felled tree, a self-releasing snatchblock will allow the forester to pull the load around the obstacle. 

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Keyhole Sliders

LL2 & LL6 keyhole sliders are mounted on the winch cable and used to grab skidding chains when winching a load.

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Replacement Cables

V8 Replacement Cable:
5/16" Diameter
Composition: 6x37
Rated For: 11,500lbs
Length: 165'

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Protective Screens

A protective screen which bolts on to the winch is available for all current Farmi winches.  The protective screen is necessary if the operator is sitting on the tractor when winching.  The screen protects the operator from injury which could be caused by a breaking cable or skidding chain.

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