Farmi JL351P Skidding Winch

Farmi JL290 Skidding WinchThe Farmi JL351P logging winch is loaded with features to ensure safe and productive operation on small tractors from 17 - 50 hp.

Both the clutch and the drum lock are rope controlled. The operator can stand safely to the side, away from the cable and the logs.

Like bigger Farmi winches, the JL351P incorporates a modular winch mechanism, an automatic over-run brake device and the famous Farmi clutch mechanism to provide the ultimate winching experience in a small package: a rugged winch that operates smoothly.

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Technical Specs:
  Height:   58"
  Width:   48"
  Shipping Weight:   430 lbs.
  Pulling Capacity:   7,720 lbs
  Drum Capacity:   295' of 5/16" cable (Sold with 165' of 3/8")
  Winching Speed:   40-200 ft. per minute
  Clutch:   Mechanical friction plate clutch with heat sink
  Power Transmission:   Universal pto shaft from tractor
  Mounting:   Category I or II 3-point hitch
  Tractor Size:   Minimum 17 HP, Maximum 50 HP