Farmi JL351 PHD Skid Steer Winch

Farmi JL290 Skidding WinchThe Farmi JL351PHD logging winch hooks up to a universal quick attach skid steer plate, and turns your skid steer into an Efficient Forestry Machine!

With a skid steer-mounted Farmi winch, the operator captures all the features and benefits of a Farmi winch without needing a tractor.

This is a perfect way for tree services, landscapers, municipalities and equipment rentals to harness Farmi winch power with a skid steer.

Technical Specs:
  Height:   77 1/2"
  Width:   48"
  Shipping Weight:   750 lbs.
  Pulling Capacity:   7,720 lbs
  Drum Capacity:   295' of 5/16" cable (Sold with 165 ft. of 3/8")
  Winching Speed:   40-200 ft. per minute
  Clutch:   Mechanical friction plate clutch with heat sink
  Power Transmission:   Hydraulic motor using Skid Steer hydraulics
  Mounting:   Skid Steer Universal Quick Attach Plate