Farmi JL501 HD - Skid Steer Winch

JL501HDThe JL501 represents the upper-medium capacity in the Farmi winch line. The body, components and all structural parts have been designed with a view to maximum operational comfort and durability, without forgetting the necessary safety features.

Thanks to the famous Farmi clutch system and drum design, the clutch grips and releases smoothly, and the logs move evenly without jerking.

The unique Farmi sensor, coiler and brake system increase cable life and user convenience. The chainsaw stand and two tool trays provide convienient storage and carrying capacity as you head into the woods.

Technical Specs:
  Height:   94"
  Width:   55"
  Shipping Weight:   950 lbs.
  Pulling Capacity:   11025 lbs.
  Drum Capacity:   Sold with 165” of ½” cable with option of up to 265’ of 3/8” cable
  Winching Speed:   60 to 300 ft. per minute
  Clutch:   Mechanical friction plate clutch with heat sink
  Mounting:   Bobcat Universal Quick Attach Plate